To The “Never Trumper”- A Biblical Case For Trump

A really exact read, and have got to say that I resonate with the DISCLAIMER towards the end of the write, excerpted here:
“DISCLAIMER: As a friend of mine noted in her thought provoking blog, “This election season has been especially difficult for believers…Believers who are actively walking with Christ, and sincerely seeking His face on this issue, have come away with completely different conclusions on how they should vote in November.” This being said, I understand that many fellow Christians will completely disagree with my interpretation of Scripture and will in sincere conscience, choose to not vote for Trump. I want you to know that I still deeply respect and love you. My allegiance to the Kingdom of God completely outweighs my allegiance to any political party or leader. Let’s not “eat other alive in front of the world” guys. We are going to be Americans for only a short while. We are going to citizens of the Kingdom of God forever.”

Never lose sight that we have a temporal existence here. Consider this a testing grounds for our characters.


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